1. The choice of goods

Using the subject authority of production choose the goods necessary for you. Goods are supplied with detailed information about technical characteristics, photos, the prices.

Each product can be moved to the “Comparison folder". This function will help you to make a choice between goods with identical characteristics.

In case you need additional information about the goods, you can apply for consultation to our manager by phone or by e-mail (see below the contact information)

2. Order registration

Press the button “To the Basket” on the chosen product. Thus the product will be automatically added to your basket. You can continue the registration of your order or return to the catalogue of goods if you want to order something else.

After you have completely decided what product to choose, press the button “To the Basket”. Here you can see the list of all products chosen by you and, if necessary, you can modify it. In the case of correction, don't forget to update the order’s amount, by clicking the link "Count the order’s amount".

Then press the button “Issue the Order”. In the appeared form of the order, you need to enter the necessary information, contact phones and then press "To send".

You confirm your conscious choice and your consent with the prices, quantity and goods characteristics (color, execution option, sizes etc.) by carrying out this operation.

Our manager will contact with you to confirm the order confirmation and the delivery time as soon as possible. Also you can issue the order, having addressed to our manager.

3. The delivery of goods

The delivery of goods is carried out in the terms coordinated with you.

The delivery of goods across Ukraine is carried out by means of courier services:

Euroexpress Mail

New Mail

Intime (mirrors aren't transported)

The cost is carried out due to the tariffs of the courier service, chosen by you.

Also goods transportation by transport of our enterprise is also possible to such hypermarkets as the Epicentre, the New Line, Oldi or to other outlets, which are situated in your city. You can specify all the details at our manager.

4. The acceptance of goods

The receipt of ordered product by you is made out by signing of the relevant documents (the expenditure invoice, the shipping waybill).

For the purpose of avoidance the misunderstandings, we ask you to show the passport, when you receive the goods.

We insistently recommend you, in the presence of the representative of the courier service, to check the complete set and the condition of Goods at once! If you have found some mechanical damages of products during the acceptance of goods, we ask you to communicate immediately with our managers for the coordination of the question concerning replacement of such products or their price reduction. In the return case you lose the right for the exchange or the return of products and we won't be able to accept from you the corresponding complaint.

5. Payment for the goods

Payment is carried out by you in cash during receiving the goods. The voucher is given for you when you buy the product. During the calculation for the goods, the Buyer undertakes to issue the service "Payment for the commission" at his own expense. As a rule, the cost of such service is - (2% of goods cost + 11 UAH for the consignment of waybill).

Payment for the goods by non-cash payment or by the 100% advance payment is possible.

You can learn the detailed information, having addressed to our manager.

Also the buyer undertakes to pay the cost of goods delivery to the buyer's warehouse.

Contact information:

tel.fax: +38 03842 7-24-44

e-mailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We wish you successful purchases!


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