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Welcome to the website of “Sanservis” LTD

Sanservis” LTD is the young enterprise, which was founded in 2005. The main directions of the enterprise’s activity are the production of furniture for bathrooms and also wholesale-retail trade of sanitary products.

The assortment of the products of our own production is presented by the pedestals, mirrors, cases and chests of drawers for bathroom of different dimensions, and also in wide range of colors (white, pink, claret, light green, dark blue, light blue, beige, turquoise, black, bright red, bright green).

We propose qualitative and functional furniture for bathrooms.

When you are choosing furniture for bathroom you should pay attention not only on its esthetic design, but also on its functional features and practicality of each product. Every series of “Sanservis” trade mark’s furniture has several variants of performance: with different placing of drawers, caskets, shelves, and the presence of baskets for linen. Besides the buyer will be pleased by the design of furniture, which was made by our specialists in wide dimension grid – the pedestals under washbasins (44-106 cm), the cases of different capacity and wideness, the floor and hinged chest of drawers, the corner furniture, the mirrors with shelves and lockers.

Thanks to considered design of the every item of our furniture collection you can rationally equip and complete bathrooms of different dimensions.

Sanservis” LTD produces all the furniture due to GOST 16371-93 “Furniture. General technical conditions”, furniture exposes sanitary-and-epidemiologic examinations with getting sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion.

High-quality WPB and MDF of “Egger” (Austria) and Swiss Krono Group production are used during the production of cases and facades of furniture. Using the high-quality glue’s chemical compounds and keeping the emission class of formaldehyde E1 guarantees the security for your health.

All the furniture details are primered and painted by two-componental polyurethane paint of ICA, Sayerlack (Italy) production.

Furniture of “Sanservis”LTD production is completed with the best accessories, produced by Hettich, Hafele, Kronas, DC, which provide the reliability and durability for our furniture for bathrooms.

The pedestals are completed with the washbasins produced by JSC “Slavutskyi combine “Budfarfor” (Ukraine), “Dniprokeramika”LTD (Ukraine), “Cersanit Invest” LTD (Ukraine, Poland), TM “COCO” (China).

The products of trade mark “Sanservis”, thanks to high quality and moderate prices, are sold with a great success in all the regions of Ukraine and are send on export (The Republic of Kazachstan).The reliable and comfortable furniture “Sanservis” are produced on the modern equipment by qualified workers from ecologically clear materials and provide the cosiness in every house.

Even the most exacting customer can choose among the assortment of “Sanservis” LTD, the furniture on his taste due to his own dreams about ideal bathroom.


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